Central has been awarded The Best Restaurant in Latin America for the last 3 years and has placed Lima on the map of must-try restaurants! Chef Virgilio Martinez promotes Peruvian cuisine around the world and makes an experience out of the country’s biodiversity. His menu will take you on a ‘journey through every altitude in 17+ courses’.
You will experience the full flavorful and colorful Peruvian cuisine, starting with dishes that are better known and continuing with herbs or vegetables that one has never heard about.The set course meal is very extensive, and there is an extra long adventure available. Juice and wine pairing options will definitely heighten your meal!


Calle Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores, Lima
+51 1 242 8515

Opening hours
Lunch service begins at 12:45 pm (Monday to Saturday). Dinner service
begins at 7:45 pm (Monday to Saturday).
The restaurant is closed Sundays.