Of course, when you eat out, the most important aspect is the quality of the nourishment. But don’t forget that sitting in comfort while you eat is also crucial to the whole eating out experience. It’s more than aesthetics when you think about it. Let’s see why furniture is important in a restaurant

Here are some tips on how you should choose the furniture for your restaurant.

  1. Quality: think long term, not short term, and choose good quality furniture so that you don’t have to replace the chairs every year. You want to stay in trend but not to go bankrupt!
  2. Shape: the shape of your furniture will impact 2 things: your restaurant’s capacity and your client’s dining experience. Think ahead, because in the end, if it’s space-efficient, there’s a higher chance for increased comfort. Use rectangular 2 person-tables as much as you can, this way you can, first of all, combine the small tables for a larger group, secondly, you avoid losing 2 seats when you have a couple taking a 4 seat table.
  3. Style: anchored or portable. Again, think ahead if you want to renovate soon or if you want to be flexible and accommodate different size groups.
  4. Price: be careful, expensive furniture does not always mean good quality and vice versa.