How and where to put everything in the kitchen? I am sure you know that desperate feeling when you can’t find the knife or the colander or just a cooking book in the kitchen and you start searching through every drawer and open every cupboard… Good news! There’s a way to avoid this little chaos!  Here are some tips to start with!

1. Shelves and cupboards:
When you store things on the shelves and in the cupboards, you should try to arrange them in such a way that similar items are together (ex: all spices on the same shelf, plates and bowls in the same cupboard, cutlery all grouped together, tea sachets or coffee next to the kettle/coffee maker). This will save you a lot of time and energy!
Think about what utensils you use the most and put them within reach.

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    2. Fridge:
    1. – Use it for everything that is ready to eat

– Use it for food that needs to be cooked

    – Use if for vegetables and fruits

If you go to the supermarket, just get inspiration from there. That’s the clearest picture of what goes into the fridge/freezer or not.

3. In the dark:
There are some foods and ingredients which don’t like the light, such as oils, garlic, potatoes or onion. keep them in the dark!

Have fun!