Pesto is one of the most popular sauces that Italy has given us. The Chefs in the peninsula are so proud of it that they have created an annual championship, Genoa Pesto World Championship, in search of the best pesto recipes. Originally, this sauce is from northern Italy and the name comes from the verb ‘pestare’, which means ‘to smash’.


4 bouquets of basil from Genoa
30 grams (about 2 tablespoons) of pine buds
45-60 grams of Parmesan, grated
20-40 grams of Pecorino, grated
1-2 cloves of garlic
10g sea salt
50 ml olive oil

Before you start, you have to make sure you have two things: a mortar and a pestle; then make sure you move very fast so that the ingredients don’t oxidize.

Step 1: Wash the basil leaves in cold water and dry them on a paper towel without rubbing them.
Step 2: Crush the pine buds and garlic cloves in the mortar until they form a paste.
Step 3: Add salt and basil leaves little by little (not all at once) and stir/smash them until they are homogenized.
Step 4: Only at the end, when you get a green paste, add Parmesan and Pecorino cheese and mix well.
Step 5: Pour the olive oil as this will help the ingredients to blend thoroughly.