I dare to say that we all find barbecuing such a great and natural way to cook. The smokey flavor of the meat or vegetables is just amazing and that makes for almost 70% of our appetite. But barbecuing also involves cooking outdoors, most of the time in places where we cannot always ensure the perfect hygiene. Last but not least, barbecuing is almost like an art, it needs patience and attention if you don’t want to end up with your meat on flames!

So let’s see what’s to be done in 5 easy steps:

1. Wash your hands before starting to handle any type of food to avoid cross-contamination (do this before you cooking but also when you have to handle ready-to-eat food).

2. All your perishable food or ingredients should be kept in the fridge or in a thermic bag until you are ready to cook them or to serve them. With any frozen product, make sure you defrost it first, so that you avoid having it cooked only on the outside in the end.

3. When you start, the barbecue should be hot but wait until the flames are calmed down first. Clean the barbecue when it’s hot, as all the grease will melt down and any residue will come off more easily.

4. Place the meat or the vegetables on the barbecue, turning them from one side to the other regularly. Use tongs for this to avoid any accident. Make sure the meat is cooked throughout, but not burnt. If you have both meat and vegetables on the grill, once the meat is done, you can move it to a cooler spot of the barbecue until the rest is is also cooked, thus still keeping it warm.

5. Be careful not leave food out more than two hours and especially not in the sun. Maybe you can find a more shady spot for serving.

Have fun and enjoy!